Past Events and Results

For show results after 2009 please go to the individual page.   Photographs can be found on our  Photo Gallery pages.


Best in Show– Bellvue Going Dutch with Pryorvale
Reserve Best in Show –Charosmack Crystal Secret at Swifdon
Best Puppy in Show –Hillcloud Cirrus Sky

Minor Puppy Dog Brorastar Super Trooper
Puppy Dog Duskhunter French Connection
Junior Dog Duskhunter Dutch Courage
Yearling Dog Glenbrittle’s My Way to Ashgate
Graduate Dog Duskhunter Dutch Courage
Limit Dog Bellvue Going Dutch with Pryorvale
Open Dog Ashgate Sheriff
Best Dog Bellvue Going Dutch with Pryorvale
Reserve Best Dog Duskhunter Dutch Courage
Minor Puppy Bitch Hillcloud Cirrus Sky
Puppy Bitch Matanya Rebecca
Graduate Bitch Reifrandies Mingay
Post Graduate Bitch Circinus Snowdrop Beauty
Limit Bitch Refrandies Gansie Maid
Open Bitch Charosmack Crystal Secret
Best Bitch Charosmack Crystal secret
Reserve Bitch Refrandies Cansie Maid
Best Brace A Poynton

22 November 2009



















Minor Puppy Absent Fossleigh Angle
Puppy Absent Hillcloud Frizzle
Junior Duskhunter For’n Connection Hillcloud Cirrus Sky
Yearling Absent Hillcloud Cirrus Sky
Graduate Duskhunter French Connection Hillcloud Cirrus Sky
Post Graduate Absent Reifrandies Mingay
Limit Lynsto Man About Town Reifrandies Gansie Maid
Open Hillcloud Blizzard Yorsar Fivepenny Borg
Best Veteran Ashgate Lunna at Roscafin
Best Brace Absent Mrs S Mcbean
Best Lynnsto Man About Town Hillcloud Drizzle
Reserve Best Hillcloud Blizzard Reifrandies Gansie Maid
Best Puppy Hillcloud Drizzle


  • 1 Best in Show-Glenlevitt Drean On -ownered by Malcolmand Denise Levitt
  • Reserve Best in Show- Ashgate Camellia
  • Best Puppy -Circinus Snowdrop Beauty
  • 2 Junior Dog -Lizandcris Action Boy
  • 3 Yearling Dog -Ashgate- U S Patriot
  • 4 Veteran -Dog/Bitch Glenlevitt Dream On
  • 5 Best Dog- Ashgate U S Patriot
  • 6 Puppy Bitch Circinus Winning Ambition
  • 7 Junior Bitch- Igloo Ice Maid at Hillcloud
  • 8 Yearling Bitch Yorsar fivepenny Borg
  • 9 Graduate Bitch – Rosecafin Dolly Daydream
  • 10 Post Graduate Bitch- Olton Aye Precious Pearl
  • 11 Limit Bitch- Earlsdale Little Brite Star at Swifdon
  • 12 Open Bitch-Ashgate Camellia
16 December 2007

Best in Show Lillmill What’s It All About

Reserve Best in Show Hillcloud Polestar

Best Puppy Lizandcris Girl of Action

Minor Puppy Dog Roxholm Running True
Junior Dog Ashgate US Patriot
Graduate Dog Keedelwen Highland Rambler
Limit Dog Ambalasi Fire Fly
Open Dog Lillmill What’s It All About
Veteran Dog/Bitch Hillcloud Polestar
Minor Puppy Bitch Bocharo Miss Tique at Lizancris
Puppy Bitch Lizancris Girl of Action
Junior Bitch Yorsar Fivepenny Borg
Yearling Bitch Reinfrandies Mingay
Graduate Bitch Charosmack Crystal Secret at Swifdon
Post Graduate Bitch Ashgate Ardlussa
Limit Bitch Earlsdale Little Brite Star at Swifdon
Open Bitch  Ashgate Camellia
Best Bitch Earlsdale Little Brite Star at Swifdon
Spring 2007

Best in Show  Ashgate Sherriff

Resrve Best in Show  Lillmill What’s It All About

Best Puppy Yorsar Fuvepenny Borg

Puppy Dog Cloonebeganne Celtic Tiger
Limit Dog Lillmill What’s It All About
Open Dog / Best Dog Ashgate Sherriff
Veteran dog/bitch Glenevitt Dream On
Puppy Bitch  Yorsar Fivepenny Borg
Junior Bitch Reinfradies Mingay
Yearling Bitch Reinfradies Mingay
Graduate Bitch Reinfradies Mingay
Post Graduate Bitch Lillmill Bright Star
Limit Bitch  Royslcartier Strike a Pose
Open Bitch  Ashgate Maybole
Best Bitch  Lillmill Bright Star