April 7th, 2014


Passes for the Open Show at WELKS will be posted out shortly.   At the Championship show Westies are 2nd in the ring  (47/51) followed by Australian Terriers (3/4) so won’t be able to get into the ring until it is clear.  We will try and set things up as quickly as we can.







November 19th, 2013

Welcome to our website.

The West Highland White Terrier Club of Wales is one of the 5 official Westie clubs in the UK.   Our aim is to provide help and advice to Westie owners and to assist potential owners to find a suitable dog and help them care for their dog using the experience of our members.

We are passionate about Westies and for the health and wellbeing of the breed.

Our members live far and wide and are not all breeders or show folk.  As a Club we hope we are of interest to all types of Westie owners.

We run two Open Shows a year – one in April and one in October.  For our 2012 shows we have combined our shows with WELKS Ch Show and South Wales Kennel Association Ch Show.  We tried combining our show in this way in October last year with SWKA and it was a great success and we are delighted that they have agreed to let us run our show with them again.

We also run seminars occasionally and are looking for ideas for seminars that you would like to attend.  We welcome contact from our members and from Westie folk who would like to learn more about the breed.  If you have a request for a seminar or event, please contact our Hon. Secretary in the first instance – Jacky Ash by email: or by phone: 01460 281528

If you like our site and have facebook please see our facebook page and join in the conversations that take place there, or start one yourself.

The West Highland White Terrier Club of Wales welcomes new members and you can find an application form on the Download Documents page.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy browsing.


Please see posts below for up to date information




Please stop the advertising of Puppies

November 19th, 2013

At our recent Committee meeting, it was agreed that the Club will now discourage the advertising of puppies on Internet Sites and in Local Newspapers with our members.

On a recent internet search, we found that on one site alone, 111 litters of Westies were being advertised at prices ranging from £150 to £300.

We are also receiving an increase in calls from people who have bought puppies from adverts, only to find they are either not available when they go to collect them, and they are offered an alternative puppy  or that the puppies are ill after a few days and, if the owners are lucky, survive with costly vet treatment.

In order that the Club can help legitimate breeders, we would now ask ALL our members not to advertise pups.   The only exception to this being  the advertising of a litter on the KC website when registering your litter.

We have contacted the other 4 breed clubs and asked for their support in this.

Newletter & Subscriptions

November 18th, 2013

The latest Newletterhas now been printed and was distributed at LKA Ch. Show and posted to all members .  If anyone is happy to receive the Newsletter in PDF format via email then please let the Secretary know by emailing her at


We would also remind all members that subscriptions are due for 1st January 2014.  Membership cost remains unchanged at £5 single, £8 joint and £10 for overseas members.

We welcome new applications for membership and you can go to the Downloads page to get the necessary forms.


If anyone has anything they would like included in the next newsletter in June please let us know






October 14th, 2013

We held our show on 13th October straight after the SWKA Ch. Show judging was concluded.

This year the ring was moved from Hall 5 but once again the SWKA Committee made sure we had a ring to the side of the hall so that we could decorate it with our flags and make it our own.

Julie Steemson (BOCANS) was judging for us and although we didn’t have a brilliant entry this time, we were really happy to see those that came enjoying themselves.  Sheila once again organised a club cake and it looked lovely with the new proposed logo emblazoned on the front.  Barbara Hands was very active for us and sold lots of raffle tickets (not just to Westie folk but somehow managed to persuade the other breeds round about to part with their cash).  She also took the photos for us and these are now available to see on the GALLERY page

The results of the judging were:

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog

1st – Noyce’s Maxula Power of Dreams  2nd – Mealing’s Reifrandies Spirit d’Amour

Class 2 – Puppy Dog

1st – Coley’s Kingsview Warwick  2nd – Lilley/Milling’s Krisma Line Dancer at Lilmill

Class 3, 4 & 5 – No entries

Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog

1st – Stock’s Lindenka Baxter

Class 7 – Limit Dog

1st – Hughes’s Brychdyn Diamond Geezer

Class 8 & 9 – No Entries

BEST DOG:  Brychdyn Diamond Geezer

RESERVE BEST DOG:  Kingsview Warwick

BEST PUPPY DOG:  Kingsview Warwick

Class 10 – no entries

Class 11 – Puppy Bitch

1st – Coley’s Karamynd So What at Kingsview  2nd – Minet’s Matheron For’n Affair With Duskhunter

Class 12 – no entries

Class 13 – Yearling Bitch

1st – Hands’s Crinan Calista  2nd – Mealing’s Reifrandies Muirne

Class 14 – Graduate Bitch

1st – Hands’s Crinan Calista

Class 15 – Post Graduate Bitch

1st – Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte

Class 16 – Limit Bitch

1st – Griffiths’ Krisma Asking for Trouble at Karamynd

Class 17 – 2 Absent

BEST BITCH – Krisma Asking for Trouble at Karamynd


BEST PUPPY BITCH – Coley’s Karamynd So What at Kingsview

Class 18 – Brace

1st Mr & Mrs Stock

Class 19 – no entries






Thank you to Les Morgan for Stewarding for us and to everyone who entered, watched and gave us such lovely feedback.  Judges critique can be found on the PAST EVENTS page


See you at the next show in April to be held with WELKS Ch. Show


Jacky, Hon. Secretary









October 14th, 2013

There isplenty of advice about how to find a puppy but we wish to warn all potential puppy buyers that advertised puppies should not be bought.

We are hearing more and more heartbreaking stories from people who are buying from adverts and either not getting the puppy they see or being fobbed off with poorly puppies or ones without paperwork.

Please do not buy from adverts either online or in the paper.  If you buy that puppy you could just be making room for another poor unfortunately bitch to have another litter at a puppy farmers premises.

The Committee of this Club have decided that we will be asking our members not to advertise their puppies in future except through the KC Puppy Finding Service.

If you are a breeder and wish to belong to the Club to get help homing your puppies, please contact the Secretary who will make the necessary checks.

If you are looking to buy a puppy, please go the KC website.  The Assured breeder scheme details breeders who belong to one of the official Breed Clubs and has experience of raising litters.  You are advised to select a breeder who has at least the first two accolades but preferably all three.   If you want advice please contact us.

Finally, if you have puppies and are trying to find homes for them…please do not advertise them as they could be bought by the puppy farmers and be used for breeding.  Please register your puppies with the Kennel Club and use their services.  If your puppies do not have paperwork for any reason, please contact your local vet for assistance in homing your pups.



Yellow Dog UK

July 9th, 2013

We are pleased to support the group Yellow Dog UK.


Please go to their website ….


Here is an extract from the site:


The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated.

Yellow Dog – Some dogs need space 

If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon, bandanna or similar on the leash or on the dog, this is a dog which needs some space. Please, do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be close to other dogs. How close is too close? Only the dog or his people know, so maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way.



Why do some dogs need space?

There are many reasons why a dog may need space: 

  • Maybe it has health issues
  • It may be a rescue dog being rehabilitated. The world can be a very scary place for these dogs.
  • It may have had a bad experience with another dog or is just not like the kind of friendly dogs which always want to say “Hi!”
  • A bitch may be in heat
  • The dog may be in training
  • It may be very old and arthritic
  • It may be very nervous or shy and other dogs cause it stress

In short, a yellow marker on a dog means it needs some space.  


We think this is an excellent idea and hope you will support the idea as well